One Stop Student Shop



Being connected with the right partners is integral to getting off to a smooth start here. We work together with the best in the business, to ensure you’re helped every step of the way.


Bunq bank is the bank of the free. They are the first truly digital bank and work hard to be sustainable. Bunq takes social responsibility seriously by being transparent with their customers. Freedom with your money is what they stand for.


Gaiyo aims to make mobility easier. The Gaiyo chip card allows you to use all public transport in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the Gaiyo app lets you arrange other forms of mobility such as hiring a scooter, or booking a taxi.


Flowently offers language courses for all levels and all languages. By transforming the way of learning from repetition to involvement, Flowently enables it’s students to master their chosen language. They believe in connecting people and cultures through language learning.


KPN wants you to stay connected. They are the biggest telecommunications provider in the Netherlands. KPN offers telephone, internet and television services.


A startup that has grown into a cultural icon, that’s what Swapfiets is. Started up in order to meet the demand for bikes but also the service that they require, Swapfiets has grown from servicing just Amsterdam to every student city in the Netherlands, and beyond. They work with a simple concept - providing high quality bikes and ensuring that they always work. Just one less thing you have to worry about.

Insure To Study

Insure to Study is an innovative provider of student insurance, in the mobility and student exchange market. Insure to Study specialises solely in student insurance and has partnerships with big players such as ASR insurance, SOS International and HollandZorg. Insure to Study provides the best coverage for students at the lowest prices.


At Hely you can rent shared cars, e-bikes and electric cargo bikes, all easily via just one app. This way you always have the right vehicle on hand, whenever you need one. Sharing is not just good for the environment, but also for your bank account: you only pay when you drive, without any subscription costs. You can find the Hely vehicles at various Hely Hubs throughout the Netherlands. Pick up your vehicle at the hub at any time with the app, and place it back at the same hub when you’re done, easy!


Xior provides premium student housing where you can study in peace, connect with new friends, relax in your own space and enjoy your student life! Located in 16 cities in the Netherlands with residences close to universities, shops and train stations, Xior makes it easy to find your way around your new city. Choose your own place with private kitchen and bathroom for optimal comfort, or go for a shared accommodation where you can quickly make new friends. Whatever you choose, feel welcome and at home!

City Central

City Central is the place where internationals become locals. We connect new international residents of Groningen to the city by providing helpful information, organizing events, bringing newcomers into contact with the locals - new and old - and sharing the story of internationalisation.

ESN Groningen

ESN Groningen is a student organisation which is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN Groningen is focused on the motto “students helping students” and this is achieved by organising over 150 activities for (international) students throughout the year, including a huge introduction week at the beginning of each semester to ensure that new international students have the best possible start that they can in Groningen.

uber eats

If you don’t want to cook, order Uber Eats. Uber Eats is a delivery service that delivers food from your favourite restaurant straight to your door. Order easily via the app.


With Ticken you can learn touch-typing the fast way: only 15 hours in total. Each of the 30 typing lessons starts with a short video instruction, followed by inspiring, interactive exercises and a challenging typing game at the end. You can complete the course with the 7-minute online exam for your TICKEN certificate.

ESN Utrecht

A branch of the largest student network in the world, ESN Utrecht is an organisation that aims to represent and support international students in Utrecht. They do this by organising social (and academic) events throughout the year, to ensure that international students feel at home in Utrecht.


Undutchables is the leading international business recruitment pioneer in the Netherlands. They help multilingual young professionals and executives find a challenging job in the Netherlands. Undutchables ensure a candidate doesn’t just meet the job description, but also that there is a cultural click between candidate and organisation


Manpower is a worldwide HR service provider operating in more than 80 countries. By finding out what a client desires in their personnel, ManPower is able to provide the right candidate for the job. They also help develop career paths and reduce the gap between candidates and the job market.


HelloDoc are healthcare professionals on the go. Their multicultural team of healthcare professionals offers excellent healthcare for international students in the Netherlands, in a safe online environment. At HelloDoc they can provide you with medical prescriptions, referrals to specialists and health certificates when required. HelloDoc is there for you, when your GP is unavailable.


With group lessons, the newest equipment and a virtual personal trainer, Basic-Fit is one of the most well known gyms in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Basic-Fit has locations throughout the whole country so you can train whenever and wherever you want!

Sint Maartenhuis

The Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten in The Hague functions as Ambassador for Sint Maarten through diplomatic and professional representation. Their goal is to realize and support the interests of the Government and citizens of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands. They do this by building partnerships and alliances with municipalities, communities, institutions, embassies and businesses in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and European Union.