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About Leeuwarden

Whether you stay in Leeuwarden for an hour, a day, a week, or as your new residence to study, there is always something to do. The doors of the museums are wide open for you, delicious smells are flowing from the kitchen of your favorite restaurant and the Leeuwarden pubs are calling. What are you going to do? Wander through the cosy streets of the city that tell you the most beautiful stories about its historical past. Wander along romantic canals, which take you along hidden gems. Wandering through Leeuwarden is wonderfully beautiful. Will you discover the city? Get your inspiration at


How to register

You must make an appointment with your municipality as soon as possible after arriving in the Netherlands. This is compulsory for anyone who wishes to study here, even if you are from the EU. The registration process in Leeuwarden is well-arranged. Your educational institution will send you an email explaining the steps you have to go through. To make it easy for you, we’ll explain it once more over here.


You can make an appointment with the municipality using this link, to get your BSN from the city hall. You’ll have to bring your passport and your rental agreement. If you do not have a room yet and are staying somewhere temporary, you have to bring a written permission from the main resident and a copy passport. If you have a birth certificate, please bring it with you. You will receive your BSN around 30 minutes after your appointment and you’ll be ready to go and arrange all your other needs.


Please be aware that you also have to notify the municipality when you’re leaving abroad for a period of more than 8 months. If so, please send an email to containing your date of emigration, foreign address and a copy of your passport.

Contact Leeuwarden

Oldehoofsterkerkhof 2, 8911 DH Leeuwarden

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Why do we work together?

Leeuwarden is a popular place to study for international students. The municipality of Leeuwarden and International Student Services are trying to help the integration process of these international students. Clear information is critical to reach this. As we explained in Formalities, signing up in your municipality and getting a Citizen Services Number (BSN in Dutch) is of great importance. BSN is used on all legal documents here in the Netherlands. Having a BSN allows you to do other important things, like opening a Dutch bank account. Above we explain how you can get your BSN in Leeuwarden; please follow the instructions carefully.

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15 August 2022
First day of registrations