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We offer you the best service providers on the market. We choose our partners based on their quality of service and their commitment to their clients. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. After selecting one service, you can get in touch with fellow international students through our community.

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bunq - Digital Bank Account

Access your money in the Netherlands

Having a Dutch bank account makes it easier to pay your rent, bills and to use your money in all stores and online. Many stores, including supermarkets, don’t accept foreign bank cards (either debit or credit). Bunq offers the perfect bank account to pay with iDeal and through Tikkie, the Dutch way of paying in one click.
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for bunq - Digital Bank Account:

You can use your Dutch debit card everywhere

Pay online with iDeal or Tikkie - the Dutch way of paying with one click

Receive your housing allowance on your Dutch bank account

KPN - Mobile Sim-only

Get a Dutch phone number

If you’re from outside the EU, or if you’re in the Netherlands more than in your EU home country, you’ll need a Dutch sim card to avoid higher costs. For example, if you’re from the EU and are coming to the Netherlands for 6 months but have a 24 month contract in your home (EU) country, you won’t have to pay extra. However, if you only have a 12 month contract and you are coming to the Netherlands for 7 months, then you will be charged more. This is according to the EU Fair Trade policy.
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for KPN - Mobile Sim-only:

A sim-only plan that meets your needs

Start calling and roaming immediately

One of the fastest networks in the country

Swapfiets - Bike Membership

An always working bike for a fixed monthly fee

As you might know, the bike is iconic to the Dutch streets. Cycling is the number one way of transport in our country. Without a bike, it’s a lot harder to get around. Through Swapfiets you get an always working bike for a fixed monthly fee. Need a repair? Just contact Swapfiets via the Swapfiets app, e-mail, WhatsApp or phone to make an appointment in-store or at your chosen location. They"ll fix your bike within 48 hours.
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for Swapfiets - Bike Membership:

Cycle like a true Dutchie

When you’ve finished studying, you can hand in your bike or stay and ride some more!

You’ll have a bike that always works

Insure To Study - Student Insurance

Ensure you’re covered for all circumstances

In the Netherlands, it’s mandatory to have health insurance and it's recommended you will get at least a basic plan for other coverages. What type of insurance you will need depends on your personal situation. Insure To Study is an insurance company which specialises in student insurances. They offer packages for both EU/EEA and Non-EU/EEA citizens, covering medical, liability and contents insurance.
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for Insure To Study - Student Insurance:

Be covered for health, liability and damages

Insurance starting from your home town

Study free of worries

Gaiyo - Public Transport card

Your way of getting around the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, all public transport works with the (OV) chip card system. Gaiyo offers a Pass that allows you to check in and out of all public transport - train, bus, tram and metro. Without using the Gaiyo Pass, you pay a lot more per trip. Public transport is very well connected in the Netherlands and can take you virtually everywhere - it’s the best way to explore the Lowlands. Additionally, you can also use the Gaiyo app for other types of mobility like renting a scooter. To get you started, Gaiyo adds €2,50 to your wallet when you install the app.
€4,95,- p/m

Three reasons why you should sign up for Gaiyo - Public Transport card:

Pay with credit card

Well connected network across the entire country

Travel by train, bus, tram, subway or even bike

Flowently - Online Dutch Course

Learn to talk like a local

Learning to speak some Dutch can completely change your experience here. It can help you to communicate with your Dutch classmates, make friends and even help you to get a part time job. Learning some of the local language shows initiative and enthusiasm. It’s great to put onto your CV. Flowently offers a six hour language course conducted in small groups, to help you immerse yourself in the Dutch culture and give your Dutch a head start.

Three reasons why you should sign up for Flowently - Online Dutch Course:

Learn to speak the local language

All encompassing basic course

Learn in small groups

Flowently - Online English Course

Brush up on your English skills

An English course from Flowently will give your language skills a boost, so you can confidently work at a professional level. You will learn to express yourself accurately in another language. This will help with making new friends, your study and also your integration in the Netherlands.

Three reasons why you should sign up for Flowently - Online English Course:

Learn to communicate clearly in another language

Save yourself time with your study

Strong English skills are highly valued in the Netherlands

Uber Eats - Food Delivery

When you’re too lazy to cook

Uber Eats is an online platform where you can order food from all of your local restaurants and fast food places, straight to your front door. It’s perfect for when you don’t want to cook or want a late night snack.
Free account

Three reasons why you should sign up for Uber Eats - Food Delivery:

Food delivered straight at your doorstep

All your local restaurants on one platform

Perfect for late nights studying or early mornings partying

KPN - Internet & TV

You need wifi for studying. And netflix, right?

As a student, you need the internet to study. KPN offers the fastest internet and television in the Netherlands. They offer short term packages for students, with wifi and television with extras like HBO on demand and sports channels.
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for KPN - Internet & TV:

TV and internet in one package

Always have fast and reliable internet

Play your favorite shows anytime you like

Basic-Fit - Fitness

Work out whenever you want, wherever you want

Working out has never been as popular as it is nowadays. Basic-Fit has over 200 gym establishments across the country and gives you access to all of them when you have a membership. Apart from getting fit, it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. To further enhance your gym experience, it is possible to work out at home with the Basic-Fit app. Subscribing now for a year will grant you 4 weeks extra and a gym bag for free!

Visit the website
Different subscriptions

Three reasons why you should sign up for Basic-Fit - Fitness:

More than 140 clubs 24/7 open

Access to more than 900 clubs in Europe

Basic-Fit App included in your membership

Hely - Car Sharing

The best way to have a car, but without the costs

Hely is the best way to get around. If you're going for a day out, need to move house, or you want to road trip with friends for a weekend, renting a Hely car is the perfect sustainable option for you. Need to move within the city? Use the cargo bike. No worries, you only pay when you drive.
Free account

Three reasons why you should sign up for Hely - Car Sharing:

No complicated costs, you simply pay per kilometre

No deposit required

Green way of travelling

HelloDoc - Digital Doctor

The easiest way to visit a doctor

It can be complicated to understand the health system in a new country, let alone find a good doctor. That’s why we recommend HelloDoc. They’re online General Practitioners (GPs), who are available 24/7. The doctors can speak 12 different languages between them. Through video consultation they can consult, diagnose and refer you to specialists.
Free account

Three reasons why you should sign up for HelloDoc - Digital Doctor:

The doctors at HelloDoc speak 12 languages, so you’ll be able to communicate

No long waiting times

Prescriptions can be delivered right to your door

Xior - Student Housing

Free housing service

When moving to a new country, it’s essential to have a comfortable place to stay. Instead of puzzling your way through the overpriced and overinflated Dutch housing market, use our housing partner. Xior has a wide variety of well-priced student houses on its platform in every city.
Free account

Three reasons why you should sign up for Xior - Student Housing:

Free of charge

Find a room that meets your needs

Avoid the stress of finding something all by yourself