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International students have to register at the municipality of Zwolle. This is compulsory for anyone who wishes to study here, even if you are from the EU. The registration process in Zwolle is very well-arranged. Your educational institution will inform you about the registration. To make it easy for you, we’ll explain it once more over here.


The municipality of Zwolle organizes one or more group-meetings, together with your educational institution. Your institution informs you about the date and location of this meeting. At the meeting we arrange your registration and you also receive your citizen service number (BSN) there. Therefore you have to bring your passport and your house rental agreement. You don’t have to fill in a form in advance.


At the meeting we can also arrange your deregistration. Therefore you have to inform us about your date of departure. This way you don’t have to sign out at the municipality when you’re leaving.

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Lübeckplein 2, 8017 JZ Zwolle

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Why do we work together?

A lot of international students come to Zwolle to study at our universities of applied sciences: Windesheim, ArtEZ, KPZ and Viaa. The municipality of Zwolle and International Student Services are trying to help the integration process of these international students. Clear information is critical to reach this. As we explained in Formalities, signing up in your municipality and getting a Citizen Services Number (BSN in Dutch) is of great importance. BSN is used on all legal documents here in the Netherlands. Having a BSN allows you to do other important things, like opening a Dutch bank account. Above we explain how you can get your BSN in Zwolle; please follow the instructions carefully.