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About Aeres University of applied sciences

Located in Almere and Dronten, the Aeres university of applied sciences, is well-known for its agricultural education. They focus on education and research, as well as on the sharing and applying of knowledge. Aeres wants their students to become professionals who are capable of making responsible decisions in a complex world, with a natural talent for acting in a sustainable manner. As part of the Aeres Group they put extra focus on green knowledge in their education and research.

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Arboretum West 98, 1325 WB Almere, The Netherlands.

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Why do we work together?

The primary reason international students come to the Netherlands are obviously the great educational institutions this country hosts. Apart from being the reason for students to come to the Netherlands, the institutions also serve as the first source of information for these students. 

Aeres University of applied sciences wants to help their students have a smooth start in their new host country. Therefore, they provide a lot of information through various communication channels and organise social events in the first weeks of arrival. Still, some students remain with questions about how to arrange their basic needs most effectively and which providers can be trusted and which cannot. This is why we work together. International Student Services unburdens both the educational institution and the students themselves, by providing the right information and making the registration process for crucial services as easy as possible.