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About NVVB

The NVVB is de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Burgerzaken. The NVVB supports municipalities with their responsibilities in the Citizen Services realm, so that the best possible service can be delivered. The NVVB is always working to improve the service to the customer in the Netherlands. They do this by advising, supporting and connecting. Together with the NVVB, International Student Services is trying to make the application for the Citizen Service Number as easy and smooth as possible throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

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Boerhaavelaan 14, 2713 HX Zoetermeer

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Why do we work together?

The NVVB and International Student Services have written an article about the first registration process for international students in the Netherlands. In some municipalities this process runs a lot smoother than in others. Together we try to make all municipalities aware of the importance of a quick registration for the students and we give advice on how to arrange this.