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Are you a foreigner student coming to study in Delft? Please report to your new educational institution first. They will let you know when you can make an appointment with the municipality to register. An appointment can be made by clicking the registration button below or by calling 14015. During your appointment you can ask questions to the municipality and you will receive your Burgerservicenummer (BSN), so that you can continue all arranging all services you want.

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Why do we work together?

A lot of international students come to Delft to study at the TU Delft. The municipality of Delft and International Student Services are trying to help the integration process of these international students. Clear information is critical to reach this. As we explained in Formalities, signing up in your municipality and getting a Citizen Services Number (BSN in Dutch) is of great importance. BSN is used on all legal documents here in the Netherlands. Having a BSN allows you to do other important things, like opening a Dutch bank account. Above we explain how you can get your BSN in Delft; please follow the instructions carefully.